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TradeWars 2002 is a multi-player game of strategy & skill. TradeWars 2002 started as a BBS game, EIS Strategy TradeWars is now more interactive and action-packed than ever. Whether you're just getting your feet wet or your an old trader, you are welcome here.

  1. NO DUPES; No duplicate players in the same game. We check IP addresses.
  2. SCRIPT ALLOWED; You may use any helper you choose.
  3. SYSOP(s) ARE GODS; in the game and on the system so respect us and always be friendly. We are all here to assist and help you and are not here to a a pain in your rear (You get sooo much further with kind words and by showing SOME appreciation over what we do for FREE for you and all the other users).
If you break any of the rules don't be suprised if your account gets disabled or deleted or if you no longer even can connect to our servers. We have our ways to permanently ban you from the system. If you don't get the hint that your not welcome anymore after getting your account deleted and your IP banned do NOT come back because we WILL report you to your ISPs abuse department.
Also if you write e-mails or ICQ to sysop or any game-op use a nice language. If you are using obsene language or call us names don't expect to get any replies in any near future from us. You will more then likely hear from your ISPs policy department.

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