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Kevin Kevin Wier - Game SysOp & Backup WebMaster
I have been playing TradeWars since 1992, back when I was a high school student, along with other various BBS games that I to be adding soon. I am currently the network administraitor for Marble Falls ISD and am a member of Marble Falls EMS and Henry Thomas Masonic Lodge.
Ryan Ryan D. Smith - WebMaster & Backup Game Admin.
I have been playing TradeWars since the 1990's and consider it to be a great pasttime when time allows. I play under the name Boone  so you know me when you see me. Other than friends and family my current project is 42toys.com a website deticated to collectibles.
My hobbies include boating, swimming, collecting sci-fi and spending time with my friends. I work for Southwest Funding, L.P. Branch #621 as the Assistant Branch Manager (TSLD # 28011).

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